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For over a decade Lisette Limoges has been designing women's pants with a purpose: crafting that perfect fit for all women and all body types. The goal was to leave no body behind and she has done just that. Lisette's career in fashion began on the sales side, but she yearned from the outset to do much more.

"The origin of Lisette L Montréal came from my desire to create a fashion line for women where the fit came first. Of course we wanted to make sure we were creating styles that were on-trend, but we wanted pants that fit right", says Limoges. "I believe today we have created a line that fits women of all ages and all lifestyles."

Lisette L pants are known to flatter women of every body type, shape and size. They are designed with a tummy control mesh on the inside and come in a variety of colours and patterns. The pants are sold online as well as in fine boutiques across Canada, United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Our Mission

Lisette L Montréal seeks to design clothes that celebrate the multitude of facets women want to present to the world.

Our goal is to design clothes that touch every aspect of a woman’s rich nature and complex world, so that she looks as good outside as she feels inside, effortlessly and comfortably.

For Bohemian spirits to corporate executives, Yoga gurus to family Captains and engineers, students to seekers of universal truth we have a style to suit your every need.

We dedicate ourselves to making quality timeless fashions you can wear anywhere, anytime, any place no matter your age, your size or your style. We promise that you will never have felt this good about clothes, you will want to take on the world. Lisette L Montréal is proudly committed to producing quality products 100% crafted in Canada which it will share with women all around the world.

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